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Whole Life Wellness

Integrative Health Care is an old phrase currently trending.  It means coordinating many healing modalities to achieve optimum outcome. I was born fragile, sickly and with a hole in my heart.  My mother took me to faith healers, elders who laid hands on me, herbalist, Eastern, Western and African Health Practitioners.  I have learned that our lives are fully ready for acupuncture, acupressure, Gau Sha, CNT, Qi Gong and so much more. Because the body wants to heal.  It was designed for wholeness. I am an Integrative Health Care Practioner, who pays attention to how your body wants to participate into wholeness.  For me, Peace is manifested in wellness.  Wellness radiates peace. Life is cyclical, so enjoy the season of expanded well being modality options


My areas of practice are meditation, Spiritual Guidance and Counseling, Acudetox, and Stick Qigong.  I am in relationship with others who practice energy healing to remove blockages, reiki, weight loss coaching and more.. Peace Ministry and its partners wants to be your well being partner.

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