The annoying little flying bugs -gnats

No matter how I cleaned my work space in my living room there was this one annoying gnat.  I sought insight on its presence.  However, I cleaned the space with peppermint soap, sprayed with scented Florida water but when I sat down to write on my computer, it kept showing up.


As a child from an impoverished urban background, bugs were considered by my mom as a sign of uncleanliness.  She took great pride in being clean.  Her favorite phrase was "cleanliness is next to Godliness." So, as an adult whenever I see a bug in the house , my first questions are what is dirty and what dirt do I not see?

Today the gnat is a reminder of an opportunity to look more deeply in my life. The deceased Ted Andrews, had an insight that I found worth considering " perhaps this gnat is attracted to my sweetness, warmth and life force."  Perhaps this is a fruit fly attracted to my smell or perhaps its a sign to clean up what I have overlooked in my life.  

The annoyance of a pestering presence of a gnat always gets my attention.  It is a wake up sign to pay attention.  What am I seeing or not, what am I doing or not and lastly what needs my thought attention right now.

I am happy to report that gnat is no longer buzzing around me or the space.  Perhaps all that was needed was my attention to the small things in my life.  Pay attention today even the insects are speaking to you.

Peace, Denise