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       Founded in 1995 by Denise Graves, a Faith Based Community Organizer, testing her eclectic Spiritual Leadership CALL.  People in my service community were suffering from poverty of spirit, economics, hope, safety, poor government representation and services, as well as quality practical value based and moral education to sustain the constant life assaults and changes.


      Children were dying and afraid to leave their homes. And unfortunately their neighborhood churches were ill- equipped to meet the need of rapidly changing communities. Many of the neighboring churches' populations were declining and aging while other parishioners did not look like the new neighbors.  One day after after a series of drive by shootings, several of us got together and agreed to be creative with Vacation Bible School. 


    I developed a peace curriculum for teens. I realized that this neighborhood knew more about violence and assault than peace.  I went door to door inviting families to attend.  There was something for every age group. Each day more and more teens attended the Peace and Spiritual Development training.  They lingered longer and wanted more. It was then I realize that my ministry call is community. While attending seminary, visiting students' schools, hospitals, juvenile detention centers, suburban congregations and cultural spiritual leaders of all sorts - Peace Ministry LLC became an entity. To avoid taxing people who needed ministry, I created an arm called Peace Ministry Prosperity Passions.  From this donation based service area is how I was and am able to fund my life and the ministry. 

        As an Author, Acudetox Specialist, Coach, Singer, Skater, Chaplin, Pastor and Parent my goal is to "build and assist with healing relationships that enhance the world."  

The most important relationship we have is with ourselves. Life Coaching, Spiritual Counseling, Meditation, Prayer and Integrative Health practices are ways to assure that the whole person is available to be a part of couple relationships; families; workers; and leaders of all kinds.

Throughout the years while working with clients of every age, economic status, gender identity, faith/spiritual, and cultural/ethnic identity, I have learned we all want health; growth; abundance, justice; peace; and belonging. Peace Ministry provides tools to reach these aspirations.


Our services are mobile, effective and affordable.  You come as a client and leave as a friend.

              Peace Ministry LLC, "Building relationships that heal and enhance our world."


Life Coaching

Creating a vision for your life and securing a trusting coach will take you places you only dreamed of. Ask D..."I live overseas, wrote a book, overcame fear and am happy.'

Spiritual Counseling

We only do what we saw and believe. Counseling gets under the water line of the iceburg to explore values, myths, beliefs, assaults and deepest desires..Individuals and couples report sustainable happiness and renewed love.

     Integrative             Health

Our well being is connected to exploration and usage of diverse healing practises such as acupunture, acupressure, Sau Sha, Qi-Gong, nutrional changes and more. Choose to be well.

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