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Meet the Founder

Greetings and thank you for stopping by.

Rev. Denise Graves is a Spiritual Intersectionalist, Philosopher and Healing Theologian. Her dominant modalities of wholeness practice are conscious breathing, meditation, prayer, engagement of the sacred, mindful living, learning and acupuncture. As a meditation mentor, Denise guides people through easy to do processes and practices that benefit their wellness. This produces deep calmness. peace, centered essence, stress reduction, lowered blood pressure, improved focus, and pain management. As we return to new ways to experience public life after this pandemic, emotion management is critical. Meditation can assist with this individually, communally and corporately. Rev. Graves, is a graduate of St. Paul School of Theology, International University of Metaphysics, University of Kansas. Pastor Graves is the founder of Peace Ministry LLC and Institute. Provides leadership, study and pastoral support to online prayer supporters, co-facilitates twice-weekly meditation sessions called Points of Convergence and host many community gatherings. As an Author, Acudetox Specialist, Coach, Pastor and Parent her goal is to "build and heal relationships that enhance the world.”

Pastor Graves works with diverse cultures, family systems, language dialectics, gender identities and physical ability individuals and groups. I bring experience from health care, government,non-profits, academic, public finance, political analysis, organizing/activism,  education and  diverse multi-faith & spiritual traditions from around the world, I am a parent, writer, author, drummer, skater, traveler, mediator and faithful prayer and meditation practitioner

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